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Northern California
Commissioner's Resources


This site was created to provide a source of training and support materials for Commissioners. Although primarily targeted at Administrative Commissioners, experienced Unit Commissioners may also find it useful.

The site was originally developed to provide direct support to the Northern California Commissioner's College. Registration for the College is hosted at this site. It also houses an archive of course materials and information that is useful to the staff in staging the College. Because of this, it provides information that would be useful to anyone who might want to start or change a Commissioner's College in another location. The course material should prove useful to anyone conducting continuing education for Commissioners.

Disclaimer: The materials on this site are believed to be posted with the knowledge and permission of their authors. Because the Webmaster has no definitive way to check the ownership of all materials submitted to the site, we can not guarantee that all materials are fully owned by the submitters. We do believe that any materials posted are probably covered under fair use doctrine. In any case, it is the policy of this site to take down any materials where the intellectual property rights become disputed until the issues can be resolved.

David D. Frydenlund
Founding Dean
Northern California Commissioner's College

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